Tropinex AQ

Tropinex AQ is a peptide-releasing matrix that is designed to regulate the pituitary growth factors in your body.

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Gaining and keeping muscle mass gets more and more difficult as we age. There are all sorts of supplements and programs that claim to help you increase muscle mass.

Tropinex AQ is a peptide-releasing matrix that is designed to regulate the pituitary growth factors in your body. Studies have shown that the best ingredients for stimulating the pituitary gland are L-Dopa, Alpha GPC, and GABA.

You can find these clinically proven ingredients in Lifessence HGH+. They are the reason why it is one of the most powerful HGH supplements available. In order for Tropinex AQ to be powerful, it needs to have these or other equally effective ingredients.

What’s In Tropinex AQ?

The ingredient label lists two proprietary blends – the mind and body matrix and the pituitary growth matrix. There is no explanation of how much of each ingredient is in either blend. The label only states that there is 855 mg of the blend.

There is no evidence that any of the ingredients are provided in an amount that will make any difference in your body. One fact about supplements is that the ingredients are not regulated by the FDA.

This means that they don’t really have to contain anything that is really useful. The ingredient label a lot of the time doesn’t match what is actually in the supplement.

There was not much research to prove that the ingredients in the proprietary blends have any impact on growth factor release or insulin-like growth factor 1. They do have other positive effects though. Alseodaphne andersonii, for example, has been researched as an antibacterial substance.

There is also 450 IU of vitamin D in this supplement. There have been some studies which suggest that vitamin D deficiency and obesity have a connection. Scientists aren’t sure exactly what the connection is though. However studies do show that vitamin supplementation alone will not help you lose weight or gain lean muscle.

There is a list of other ingredients on the label as well. We did notice that there are some filler ingredients. Ingredients such as cellulose and starch have no positive effect are only used as fillers.

Our Final Opinion

The fact that you can’t tell exactly how much of each ingredient is included in this supplement makes us nervous. You may not be paying for much substance at all. There is also more research that needs to be done to support the claims of these ingredients. We would not recommend taking a supplement that has unknown or unreliable results.

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