Somatropin HGH supplement

Somatropin is a human growth hormone. Since injectable version of this hormone has a lot of negative effects on health, HGH Company has released a safe version of this hormone in HGH supplement formed and named it Somatropinne HGH.

Since that moment, this supplement is one of the best selling body-building aids.

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Somatropin And Somatropinne HGH Side Effects

Side effects between Somatropin and Somatropinne HGH are huge. Everyone with clear state of mind will choose HGH supplement version instead of injectable. In supplemented form Somatropin hormone is systemised to produce no side effects. Injectable version can cause severe health damage.

Final results after using both versions are almost the same, so it is not worth gambling with your health.

Growth hormone Somatropin (Somatropinne by HGH) represents all that every athlete dreams about. First of all, it has multiple actions:

Anabolic action – accelerate development of muscle mass and strength through increased protein synthesis

Anabolic action – increasing the number of muscle cells

Lipotropic action – reduces fat deposits through increased release of fatty acids and their use as an energy source.

Positive effect on the connective tissue – strengthen bones, tendons, ligaments and cartilage through increased collagen synthesis.

Although lacking real research that showed that growth hormone acts on the athletes, practice has proved many times that the top sport is practically inconceivable without its use. Of course, growth hormone is not as miraculous aid after all, no other types of products are.

These days people go crazy about these HGH supplement, since is proved it can rejuvenate your body. So, not only the athletes and body builders are using it, regular non-sport people are using it for rejuvenation.

How Somatropinne Growth Hormone Do From HGH Affects Your Body?

1. Physiological actions of growth hormone

Somatotropin stimulates the growth of many tissues in the body by increasing, above all, the number of cells, and only a small part of their volume. This includes skeletal muscles and other organs of the body.

Transport of amino acids, as well as the protein synthesis, also been increased by its use. The working stage of Somatotropinne can actually be divided into two groups.

Direct action consists of the impact on the metabolism of carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Indirect effectiveness is also available – the benefit of insulin-like growth factor called Somatomedins.

2. Somatotropin – hormone that saves energy

Scientists often point out that the growth hormone is very important while body is under the energy deficit (starvation) caused by strict diet. In these conditions it on two levels.

On the one hand, reduced glucose utilization saves energy, on the other hand mobilizes fat cells to release fatty acids into the bloodstream where they serve as a source of energy.

3. Growth hormone and insulin

It is important to note the close relationship between Somatotropinne and insulin. Growth hormone can act as an opponent of insulin, or it can nullify its effects.

In other conditions, Somatotropinne acts synergistically reinforcing and supporting the action of insulin. So, if you suffer from diabetes you should not use this supplement.

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