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Somatroph HC promises to increase the production of HGH in a body’s system. Somatroph HC tries to tell consumers on the fact that it can multitask with efficiency.

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Designed not only to boost HGH levels but to provide several other benefits as well, Somatroph HC tries to tell consumers on the fact that it can multitask with efficiency.

In this review, we’re going to take a look at this liquid-form supplement to determine whether or not it’s worth a shot. So sit back, relax, and take a few notes if you wish. Here we go!

What It Promises It Can Do?

First of all, you may not know how most HGH releasers go about increasing you HGH levels. Basically, the process is “all-natural” in comparison to HGH injection treatments that juice you up on artificial HGH.

Not only is this process safer, but it’s also just as effective according to many studies. More or less, the ingredients found inside an HGH-releasing blend are designed to target a body’s pituitary gland.

Once their properties reach a pituitary gland, they then have the ability to help the gland in its responsibility of producing and secreting adequate levels of HGH into a body’s system.

Thus, the process is still natural and the pituitary gland still has to do the bulk of the job. Along those lines, Somatroph HC promises to increase the production of HGH in a body’s system. And as noted above, it also promises to provide several other benefits, including:

  • The ability to enhance positive feelings and good mood.
  • The ability to strengthen cognitive and mental acuteness.
  • The ability to regulate and maintain a healthy nervous system

Obviously, these functions overlap somewhat, but it’s still commendable for a product to promise all these different benefits.

The question now is this….can Somatroph HC actually follows through on all these promises?

The 3 Musketeers

The only way that we can answer this question is by taking a look at the ingredients found in Somatroph HC’s blend. If the ingredients are geared towards the aforementioned functions, and they are effective, then Somatroph HC is most likely effective at providing the benefits it promises.

Now, we should note that Somatroph HC is unique in terms of the fact that it only contains three ingredients in its blend!

Hence, the “3 Musketeers” sub-title that we gave this section.

That being said, there is nothing problematic about having just three ingredients – as long as they are sound and found in proven amounts.

Without further ado, we’ve listed these three ingredients, including:

L-DOPA Extract 50 mg

This extract can’t be found around these parts. In fact, you would have to travel to Africa to find it nestled in the African Puriens plant. Its functions include its ability to promote HGH levels and its ability to increase cognitive sharpness as well.

Niacinimide 20mg

Known more commonly as Vitamin B-3, you can find Niacinimide in every-day dietary supplements such as Centrum Silver. Its purpose differs from L-DOPA extract and GABA somewhat in terms of its ability to calm and relax a body’s nervous system when it’s under duress or in a state of hyperactivity. Basically, Niacinimide acts as a control and regulator of the nervous system.

GABA 20mg

The third and last ingredient found in Somatroph HC, GABA is a splice between L-DOPA extract and Niacinimide. It possesses L-DOPA extract’s ability to assist the pituitary gland in HGH secretion, and the ability to maintain and regulate a body’s nervous system like Niacinimide.30mg Now the short list of ingredients found in Somatroph HC that we’ve just gone over are all nice, dandy, and proven in terms of their effectiveness.

But even the best of ingredients are only effective if they are found in proven amounts. It’s basically like baking – a cookie will not be “effectively” sweet if your recipe doesn’t ask for a high enough amount of sugar.

The same idea can be applied to HGH supplements and their ingredients. Now, the rule of thumb is this: Most ingredients should have a dosage level of AT LEAST 50mg per serving.

If we compare Somatroph HC’s three ingredients to this standard, only L-DOPA extract meets this demand. The other two only contain dosage levels of 20 mg, which is much too low to be considered effective.

This obviously makes us nervous about the true effectiveness of Somatroph HC. Because its ingredients lack the potency to be considered effective, we’re afraid this product just doesn’t pack the punch it needs to follow through on those benefits that it promises.

In Conclusion

Sadly, we were truly rooting for Somatroph HC, as we do for all our products in all our reviews. But some just don’t meet the standards necessary to be considered strong options.

Alas, the same must be said of Somatroph HC. Perhaps with a few tweaks to those dosage levels, we could change our outlook on this HGH supplement. But for now, we’re going to have to advise potential users to look at other options that are a safer play.

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